Jul 15, 2020
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Chocolate – 초콜릿

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Genre: Romance, Food, Medical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2019-Nov-29 to 2020-Jan-18
Air time: Fridays & Saturdays 22:50

It’s about a man who became a neurosurgeon though he dreamed of becoming a cook, and a woman who became a cook because of him.

Lee Kang (Yoon Kye Sang) is a neurosurgeon, who once dreamed of becoming a chef. As a child, Moon Cha Young (Ha Ji Won) once met Lee Kang at a small restaurant in the seaside town. There, Lee Kang cooked and gave her a meal, which in part inspired her to become a world-famous chef. Many years later, the two meet again at a hospice ward and together they heal their own emotional scars by preparing meals for the patients there.

Yoon Kye Sang as Lee Kang
– Oh Ja Hun (오자훈) as Lee Kang (young)
Ha Ji Won as Moon Cha Young
– Kim Bo Min as Moon Cha Young (young)
Jang Seung Jo as Lee Joon (Lee Kang’s brother)
– Kang Tae Ung (강태웅) as Lee Joon (young)
Yoo Teo as Kwon Min Sung
Min Jin Woong as Moon Tae Hyun (Cha Young’s fraternal twin brother)
– Kim Min Joon as Tae Hyun (young)
Kang Boo Ja as Han Yong Sul (Kang’s grandmother)
Lee Jae Ryong as Lee Seung Hoon (Joon’s father)
Kim Sun Kyung as Yoon Hye Mi (Joon’s mother)
Lee Uhn Jung (이언정) as Jung Soo Hee (Kang’s mother)
Yoon Ye Hee as Lee Seo Hoon (Kang’s aunt)
Kim Won Hae as Kwon Hyun Suk (Min Sung’s father)
Kim Ho Jung as Han Sun Ae (Hyun Suk’s ex-wife)
Yum Hye Ran as Ha Young Shil (head nurse)
Lee Joo Yun (이주연) as Bae Na Ra (nurse)
Jang Duk Joo (장덕주) as Ha Dong Goo
Lee Hyo Bin (이효빈) as Kim In Joo (Min Sung’s fiancée)
Park Ok Chool (박옥출) as Nurce Park

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