Mom Has An Affair – 엄마가 바람났다

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Genre: Romance, Family
Episodes: 120 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2020-May-04 to 2020-Oct
Air time: Monday to Friday 08:35

This drama tells the story of a temporary teacher wants to marry a rich man, while her children look for a father who will take care of them.

Hyun Jyu Ni as Oh Pil Jung
Lee Jae Hwang as Kang Suk Joon
Kim Hyung Bum as Kang Suk Hwan (Suk Joon’s brother)
Moon Bo Ryung as Lee Eun Joo
Nam Yi Ahn (남이안) as Oh Soon Jung (Pil Jung’s sister)
Go In Bum as Chairman Kang (Suk Joon and Suk Hwan’s father)
Park Ji Soo as Hye Jin
Suh Hyun Suk as Tae Woo
Kim Young Hoon
Yang Geum Suk
Kim Ha Kyun

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