Jul 21, 2020
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Selection: The War Between Women – 간택 – 여인들의 전쟁

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Genre: Fantasy, Historical
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: CSTV
Broadcast period: 2019-Dec-14 to 2020-Feb-09
Air time: Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:50

This drama is a fantasy drama about those who struggle for power and the queen’s throne.

Kang Eun Bo’s (Jin Se Yun) twin sister is murdered. To find out who is responsible for her sister’s death, Kang Eun Bo decides to become the queen. She does not hesitate to take reckless actions in pursuit of her goal. Meanwhile, Lee Kyung (Kim Min Kyu) is the king. He is handsome and intelligent. Lee Kyung has precognitive dreams about one woman. He becomes involved in an unexpected case.

Jin Se Yun as Kang Eun Bo / Kang Eun Ki
– Choi Myung Bin as Eun Bo & Eun Ki (child)
Kim Min Kyu as Lee Kyung
Lee Yul Eum as Jo Young Ji
Do Sang Woo as Lee Jae Hwa
Lee Shi Un as Wal
Kim Bum Jin as Han Mo
Uhm Hyo Sup as Baek Ja Yong (Kang Eun Bo’s heir)
Choo Soo Bin as Yeo Wool
Lee Yoon Gun as Hong Ki Ho
Lee Jae Yong as Jo Heung Kyun (A master of trickery and worldly affairs)
Choi Na Moo as Byeo Ri (Young Ji’s maid)
Jung Ae Ri as Great Queen (The hero of the Royal Family)
Son Byung Ho as Kim Man Chan (The top of the ladder)
Lee Hwa Kyum as Kim Song Yi
Jo Eun Sook as Queen Dowager
Yoon Ki Won as Kim Hyung Chan
Jo Mi Nyeo as Ye Sil
Song Ji Woo as Jong Hee
Go Yoon as Gae Pyung
Kim Joo Young as Dan Yeong
Ahn Se Ha as Eunuch Hwang
Han Da Mi as Court lady Beo Deul (Willow)
Lee Kan Hee as the mother of Eun Ki & Eun

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