Aug 2, 2020
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Train – 트레인

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Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Episodes: 12 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2020-Jul-11 to 2020-Aug-16
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:50

This is a science-fiction melodrama about a man who tries to protect his beloved from a serial killer in a parallel universe.

Seo Do Won (Yoon Shi Yoon) is a detective and he is enthusiastic at his job. Meanwhile, Han Seo Kyung (Kyung Soo Jin) is a prosecutor with an honest personality. Lee Jung Min (Shin So Yool) is a member of a scientific investigation unit. She is Seo Do Won’s childhood friend and also his first love. She supports Seo Do Won.

Yoon Shi Yoon as Seo Do Won
Kyung Soo Jin as Han Seo Kyung
Shin So Yool as Lee Jung Min
Jo Wan Ki as Woo Jae Hyuk
Cha Yub as Lee Sung Wook
Kim Dong Young as Kim Jin Woo
Lee Hang Na as Oh Mi Sook

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